Cliffford Commands Prefix: $ (changeable)


Created By: Jupiter_79# 3326


[KICK_MEMBERS] = Permission

(!) You should add the bot with the MANAGE_ROLES permission, if not you can't use the autorole function (!)


Edits the bot configuration (prefix, modlog, automod, welcome channel, auto role


Lets you redeem a premium token or sends your current premium status


Bans the defined member with the given reason

$softban [BAN_MEMBERS]

Bans and unbans the defined member with the advantage that all messages in the last 7 days get deleted


Deletes the given amount of messages in the channel

$commands [KICK_MEMBERS]

Adds custom commands, edits or deletes them


Gives you much information about an user


Kicks the defined member with the given reason


Creates a poll with the given arguments

$avatar [None]

Sends the avatar-url of the given user

$countdown [None]

Sends the time left until the default-dates or your defined date

$help [None]

Lists you all of the commands

$level [None]

Lets you view your current level or the toplist

$math [None]

Evulates a math expression

$meme [None]

Sends a random meme to the channel

$pixabay [None]

Sends a random pixabay image of your search

$stats [None]

Sends the bot stats and information

$suggest [None]

Sends a message to the bot-owner with your suggestion