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A trash bot but still works !!?


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hi there blobot's commands are:

in the beginning use [bt!help] to get blobot's commands

[bt!poll] to create a poll in the channel the command writen in.
[bt!user] gives you an embed with the user's info (if you pinged/wrote id of the user ), gives you info about yourself.
[bt!say / bt!say embed (text)] to send a normal/embed message with the text you wrote.
[bt!kick (user) (reason)] To make the bot kick someone and the reason is needed ( you can't kick without a reason ).
[bt!ban (user) (reason)] To make the bot ban someone and the reason is needed ( you can't ban without a reason ).
[bt!nick (user) (the nickname)] To change user's nickname.
[bt!clear (num) /bt!purge (num)] clears the number you write of messages.
[ bt!cat ] To make the bot send random cat image (current images 52), its good believe me i chose those cat pics all sfw 😄
and if you need any help join our "offical" discord support server

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