Note: Due to Discord's recent policy change, the bot will be temporarily offline until further notice. To set up the bot, you must provide an advertisement message and an invite link. Anything else is optional. The bot can be bumped once per hour, however premium features will limit the cooldown and will also include an optional autobump which will automatically do the work for you.

Use 'dgp!help' for a full list of commands. This displays all the commands the bot has to offer.

Command Description Usage
dgp!bump Bumps your server No Parameters
dgp!setchannel Sets a bump broadcast channel Mention channel
dgp!setdescription Sets description Description
dgp!setinvite Set invite link Invite link
dgp!setbanner Set server banner banner url
dgp!preview Previews server ad No Parameters
dgp!setcolor Sets color border Hex code
dgp!help Lists all commands No Parameters
dgp!vote Sends a link to vote for the bot to reduce cooldown No Parameters
dgp!prefix Change the prefix the bot runs on Your prefix