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Realtime Global PVP! Build your clan, Grind your rank, Dungeons, Items, Upgrades, Classes, and more!


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What is it?

Enchanted is a turn-based PvP bot based on battling and having fun with your friends. Enchanted has lots of different classes, spells, items and titles to choose from. It's the perfect bot to play with or against your friends and have hours of fun on Discord!

Important features:

  • Classes

Enchanted has tons of classes you can choose from. Each class has a set of spells that you can unlock to defeat your opponents and rise on the leaderboard!

  • Battling

Enchanted is one of the few bots that has an active turn-based PvP system. You, and only you, can decide how you're going to absolutely destroy your opponent. Enchanted allows for a lot of creativity and different playstyles. No battle is the same!

  • There is much more to tell you about, but just check it out yourself! 

If there is a problem, join the support server ( ]discord ) 

Check out the amazing art on our twitter: https://twitter.com/EnchantedGG



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