An Animal Crossing: New Horizons bot. Get rich with trading turnips. Get villager infos from nookipedia.

Created By: maku# 0001


- want to buy some turnips?

@Daisy help or ;help


  • Customizable Prefix: @Daisy prefix ! requires MANAGE SERVER permission!
  • AC:NH Villager Info: @Daisy villager marshal
  • AC:NH Critter Info: @Daisy critter spider
  • AC:NH Personalities:
    @Daisy personalities - to list all personalities
    @Daisy personality cranky - to list all cranky villagers
  • Customise your own profile to make sharing your friendcode etc. easier!
    @Daisy profile - to view your profile
    @Daisy profile @maku - tag a user to show their profile
    Setup your profile:
    @Daisy profile <island|name|fruit|hemisphere|fc> <value>
    @Daisy profile name Maku
    @Daisy profile fruit cherry

Turnip trading

  • Open a listing for selling turnips: @Daisy turnip sell price invite-code
    • @Daisy turnip sell 500 6c63f04f
  • Open a listing for buying turnips: @Daisy turnip buy price invite-code
    • @Daisy turnip buy 90 6c63f04f
  • List all open listings: @Daisy turnip list
    • List just selling: @Daisy turnip list selling
    • List just selling: @Daisy turnip list buying
  • Stop your open listing: @Daisy turnip stop
    • Please use this once you're done!
  • Report users with invalid listings: @Daisy report user-id
    • @Daisy report 309232625892065282
  • Set your turnip trading to local (your servers only) or global (all servers)!
    • @Daisy turnip config global
    • @Daisy turnip config local
      requires MANAGE SERVER permission!

Utility commands

  • Ping command, get current ping and latency: @Daisy ping
  • Info command, get current versions, activity and socials: @Daisy info
  • Invite command, invite me to your server: @Daisy invite

Planned Features

  • Additional AC:NH Information will be added soon, including fossils and more!

For help, suggestions, or bugreports please join the discord!

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