FR | EN Best Valorant Discord Bot English and Français for Stats, News and Infos. Valorant Agents, Weapons, Maps, Abilities all info.

Created By: Yestar# 9983

ValorantStats Bot

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Bot Features:
  • Wiki
  • Language FR / EN
  • Stats
  • News
  • Infos
  • Custom Prefix
  • And more !

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Wiki / Commands

Support Discord

Commands Category Description
help General View bot commands
bot General View bot information
invite General Get bot invitation
support General Get Discord server support
vote General Get the link to vote for the Bot
prefix Config Change prefix Bot
language Config Change language Bot
settings Config Get overview over the settings.
autonews Config Coming Soon
agents Wiki Get Valorant agents list
agent {name} Wiki Information about a agent
weapons Wiki Get Valorant weapons list
weapon {name} Wiki Information about a weapon
maps Wiki Get Valorant maps list
map {name} Wiki Information about an map
ranks Wiki Get Valorant ranks list
specs Valorant Get Valorant Specs
valorant Valorant Get information about the game Valorant
lastpatch Valorant Coming Soon
status Valorant Coming Soon
stats Stats Coming Soon