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As it is a Clash of Clans related bot, it will only work for this game. It is still under development but has still some features.

You can type <!cs player #playerTag> to see all the troops, spells, heroes and siege machines the player has. Next to the pictures of the troops etc you can see the level of it and behind in () the maximun level. When the max level is reached, the colour of the level will change from dark to white. You also see the league and the clan the player is in and the townhall. When you click at the players name or clans name, Clash of Clans will open automatically and you can see the players or clans profile. Another secret feature is: the left line of the embed which shows all the information, changes its colour when you are ranked in different leagues.

With the <!cs clan #ingameTag> command you can see some information about the clan, like the description, invite status, member count and a lot of more information. Here you can also click at the clans name and Clash of Clans will open. Apart from this, the flag of the clan will be displayed.

Another command is the <!cs members #ingameTag> command which will display all members of the clan with their townhall, ingame tag and name. They were sorted by their trophies. It will also show the member count and the clans flag; you can also open Clash of Clans by clicking at the clans name.

The <!cs help> command will show all commands which are available and the prefix (non changeable at the moment but will be in further versions). It says also, that every command has a short form: the first letter of each command. So <!cs player #ingameTag> is equal to <!cs p #ingameTag>. You can also type <!cs help commandName> to get further information about this command.

With <!cs info> you can get the time how long the bot is online, the bot’s version, the version of discord.py I am running and in how many servers the bot is in.

Apart from this, it brings a beautiful design and a very good and friendly staff team. Because of the userfriendly design it is not only build for clans but also for leagues.

As the bot is still under development, new features will come with a monthly update. Sometimes there are only little changes, sometimes whole new functions. However, my bot is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will not stop running because of an error.

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about 1 year ago

Please add features Like Set the Clan and Member Gametag To the Server








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