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Spawn naming is currently disabled 🧁

Update: The bot will be offline for up to 24 hours.

At a glance 💕

- Kaytwo improves image quality of Pokétwo spawns and names them with 99.9% accuracy (Newest model → Oct. 13th update)
- Compact and pretty info command
- Pokétwo hint solver
- Spell check assistant, correcting almost any spelling mistake
- Fully functional with alt names
- Displays username of the player that spawned a Pokémon
- Pins shiny (captures & box openings) and 90%+ IV rare (legendary/mythical/ultra beast/event) catches
- Global shiny hunt tag system, which can be set by simply including a Pokémon name along with 'sh' in your nickname. No need to set your shiny hunt in multiple servers! (^◡^ )
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Kaytwo Commands 🌸

p!!sh [pokemon] ▹ Add yourself & Pokémon to the global shiny hunting database. This can also be updated when using p!sh — if your current hunt doesn't match Kaytwo's current registration — or by changing your nickname to include something like sh pikachu, which will add you to the Pikachu group. Use p!!sh none to remove yourself from the database.

p!!tag <pokemon/region> ▹ When a Pokémon spawn is active: Pings members hunting in your server who have previously registered their shiny hunt or quest ping. This can also be invoked by spelling the name of a Pokémon spawn or region which also matches the current prediction by Kaytwo, e.g. typing pikachu or kanto while a Pikachu is spawned.

p!!taglist <pokemon> ▹ From the global database of hunters, retrieve a list of hunters within your current server.

p!!quest <region> ▹ Add yourself to the specified region's quest ping registry. If you are already added to the region, using this again will remove you from it.

p!!rate [pokemon] ▹ View the Pokétwo spawn rate of the specified Pokémon. Can also be used to view specific shiny rates, e.g. p!!rate shiny galarian zapdos.

p!!report <message-body> ▹ You may use this command if you encounter an issue of any kind, or want to send a suggestion to the developer. Up to 10 images can be attached, if necessary.

p!!ticket <inquiry> ▹ There may be cases where the bot is not self-explanatory. Use this to ask us a question.

p!!toggle [...]Server owner config options

p!!toggle spawns ▹ disable/enable spawn naming ([enabled] by default)

p!!toggle shortmode ▹ disable/enable shortmode info ([enabled] by default)

p!!toggle superhint ▹ enable/disable displaying of alt names and region when solving p!hint ([disabled] by default)

p!!predict [image] ▹ Kaytwo will predict the Pokémon identity from an image url. Developed for inference on Pokétwo images, but may also be used to detect PokéRealm or Mewbot spawns!

If a Pokétwo spawn is active and this command is invoked without attaching an image: Receive a "hinted" prediction of the spawn.

p!!filters [...] ▹ A simple-view list of Pokétwo filters

p!!invite ▹ Get the bot invite link

p!!help ▹ View basic info and available commands for Kaytwo

Pokétwo Commands 🌼

p!info ▹ replaces Pokétwo info embeds with compressed shortmode variant, to more easily view important stats of your Pokémon.

p!catch | p!pokedex | p!redeemspawn | p!shinyhunt ▹ If you accidentally misspell a Pokemon name when invoking commands or catching, Kaytwo will give you her correction.

p!hint ▹ solves the Poketwo hint for you! Hints are solved by default, but you can also use p!!toggle superhint to get the Pokémon's alt names and region listed alongside the result.

💞 Image Examples 💞

҂Named spawns and spell check helper Named spawns and spell check helper ҂Compact and pretty info command Compact and pretty info command ҂Solved poketwo hint w/ superhint enabled Solved poketwo hint with superhint enabled

⚠️ It has come to my attention that there are fans who are using the 'Kaytwo' name to advertise their illegal and malicious software. Kaytwo does not have any websites, discord servers, github pages, or anything else associated with the bot other than this specific link: https://top.gg/bot/703725163522555934 — being the top.gg bot page. Be sure to check the domain name to ensure you are on the official top.gg website.

The program software is also 100% proprietary. It cannot be obtained anywhere.

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4 months ago

kaytwo you are as good as poketwo



2 months ago

Pretty good, was skeptical like they were up in their high horse. So far after using 3 incense, there hasn't been an error surprisingly. I like how they went with the replacing image approach so there is no rate limiting problem. 100% would recommend.



3 months ago

Very nice bot keep it up :) hope to add gym features and stuff in the future



Replying to CrackerJack

Thanks for the review! There is another bot named 'Sierra' which can help you with gym features


3 months ago

The best hint bot in my guess



about 2 months ago

Helps a lot with using incense



about 1 month ago

Some times when I use p!catch it says sorry, use p!hint instead. But other than that, I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS BOT



Replying to EliteGodian

Awesome 🥳 That message usually displays due to a Pokémon despawning after a catch attempt. Rest assured that Kaytwo does not directly interfere with Pokétwo data.


5 days ago

Es muy bueno el bot,sirve de mucho con las pistas de pokétwo,al igual que sierra,pero kaytwo es mucho mejor :D debido a que te da los nombres en las imágenes y si pones p!d pi__c_u te sale que es pikachu,es el mejor bot :D,pero por ahora le daré 2 estrellas,ya que no se conecta rapido >>:c Ya quiero que se conecte xD -:( (edited)







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