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EndBot is a KO / EN discord bot with multiple functions like mod and writing bot codes. It has about 300 commands. Invite EndBot and enjoy!




! Tim23

! Tim23

Before you read : This bot is mainly for Korean discord users. People using English can also use, but it may be a bit hard to user it.


EndBot is a Korean Discord bot having many functions. It has many commands like RPG, Economy and more. The prefix is >, and it is customizable by >changeprefix [prefix]. (Sometimes, because this bot is a korean one, it may send korean replys. To contribute on translating, send a DM to ! Tim23#9999!)


  • Developer : ! Tim23#9999
  • Developed Language : Python 3.8 & discord.py Latest Version
  • Version : 2.0.1
  • Credits : Translate Engine by Deleted User 00000000#2214 of Team End ™️


EndBot Invite Link EndBot Official Server Link Please join us!


한글과 영어를 동시에 사용할 수 있어서 좋습니다! 명령어도 간단하네요!
- Bainble0211 (Discord Bot 스카이봇 Developer)

한국어 기반의 [다양한 기능(엔드봇 기능), 롤...스팀 등]을 체험해보세요!
- 건유1019 (Discord Bot YBOT Developer)

다른 봇들과 달리 문법이 바르고 맞춤법이 좋습니다! 또한 명령어도 많아요! - 코사*** (EndBot User)

봇 아주 잘 만드셨네여 ㅎ 굳!
- 달토*** (EndBot User)


>help Learn about the bot's 260 commands! It may take too long to go over all of them~! >help rpg Gets how to use RPG commands. About 4 commands are in the category. >botinfo Gets EndBot's info. >serverinfo Gets the server's info. Doesn't work on DM Channels. >userinfo Gets the user's info. >support Gets the support server’s invite link. >invitelink Generates the server’s invite link and the bot’s invite link.

Try >help <category|command> to learn more!

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