Chika Fujiwara


Play the mini-games from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War! | High Quality Music Player | Global Leveling System | Discord Nitro Rewards

Created By: M0D25# 0025

Official Chika Fujiwara Background


The Official Chika Fujiwara bot is the very essence of Chika. This bot allows you to play mini-games from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War series such as Bannedword from episode 4 (Season 1). Not only does the bot have mini-games, it also has a functional music player playing high quality music that is par with other bots such as Rythm and FredBoat.


As previously mentioned, Chika Fujiwara was developed on the idea of recreating these mini-games from the series and as such that's our main focus with the bot. We currently have 1 mini-game implemented and currently in development of the second mini-game. Besides these mini-games we've incorporated a high quality streaming music player on the level of FredBoat and Rhythm so can you imburse yourself with 10 hours of Chika's famous song.


We are very grateful for our supporters so for every month we choose the top 3 users with the most votes and reward them with 1 month of Discord Nitro as a token of gratitude. Thank you for voting for our bot, it really does mean alot for us.

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