Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, battle and more! Simple, clean commands and a supportive community.


To all the OG members of the community, the first hundred or so, you guys have came a long way seeing the bot come from nothing to something huge. We have been releasing features slowly and secretively but now is the time to show them all off. As some of you may have noticed, we have been testing trading and battles here and there, but now they are fully released! In future updates, we are looking to make it more realistic, and include features right out of Pokémon like z moves and more. Anyways, let's stop with the small talk end get into the beef of this new INSANE update.

New Features


Ahhh, the long-awaited battles...

p!duel <player> - Send a duel request.

p!accept duel <player> - Accept a duel request.

p!use <number> - Use a move during battle.


Who's going to get to the top?

p!trade <player> - Send a trade request.

p!accept trade <player> - Accept a trade request.

p!add c <number> - Add credits to a trade.

p!add p <number> - Add a Pokémon to a trade.

p!confirm - Confirm the end of the trade.

Pokémon Spawns

Guess who can spawn in multiple channels?

p!spawn <#channel> - Enable/Disable spawns in a channel

Upcoming Features

Duels Updates - What's next? With our addition to duels, you may notice that not all features are fully implemented. With a limited amount of moves for duels, we need to fully flesh out our list. Egg moves will come with breeding. Totally not foreshadowing.

Shop - Does this mean megas? Along with this, we hope to release the shop very soon. Items, and more that are useful for grinding XP and in PvP will of course come out with this update.

Market - Did anyone see this coming? I know we haven't talked about the Market a lot, but that's because of all the ideas we've been getting on the shop, duels, trading, and much more.

Tournaments - I don't think anyone saw this coming either... Guess what? Tournaments, yes, tournaments. You are going to be able to battle each other in something like gym battles. This is going to be very customizable to what Pokémon you want to use and who you are playing with.

Website Panel - Access everything from one place! The web panel will help server owners configure everything to do with their pokemon server in seconds. It will also display server statistics such as how many pokemon have been caught on a daily basis and much more!

Achieved Goals How did we get here so fast? And all in the time of like 6 weeks!

700K+ Users

12800+ Servers

9700+ Votes

8 Server Boosts

8 Staff Members

1,500+ Discord Members

~ Thanks to all of you

Our Mission:

With a strong and supportive community and team, we hope to bring you the best Pokémon bot on Discord.

Getting Started:

Starting your Game

How can I start my adventure?

Use the command p!start to start your adventure!

Use p!pick to pick a starting companion.

Catching Pokémon

Wait, so how do I continue my adventure? Well, here’s now.

Use p!catch <pokemon name> to fill out your Pokedex! Gotta catch em’ all!

How to View your Pokémon

Wait a sec, how good is my Pokémon? With these commands, you can explore your Pokémon’s stats and more.

Use the command p!pokemon to view all your Pokémon.

Remember, to see a specific Pokémon in further detail, use p!select <pokemon number> to select a Pokémon. To view it, use p!info. If you don’t want to switch your Pokémon, perform a quick info by using the command p!info <pokemon number>.

Use the command p!dex <pokemon name or number> to view the basic information about your Pokémon.


So now you want to trade for that Pokémon you’ve always want. We’ve got you covered.

Use the command p!trade @user to initiate a trade with a user.

Use the command p!<accept or deny> trade @user to accept or deny a user.

Use the command p!add p <pokemon number> to add a Pokémon to your offer.

Use the command p!add c <credit amount> to add credits to your offer.

Remember, if you want to see what the current offer is, use the command p!status. If you wish to discontinue a trade, just use the command p!cancel.

Use the command p!confirm to confirm your offer and poof! You now have that ever so desired Pokémon. (Or credits for that matter)

Dueling with other Trainers

So now that you’ve gathered some decent Pokémon, you want to fight to glory! (Right?)

Use the command p!duel @user to initiate a duel with a user.

Use the command p!<accept or deny> duel @user to accept or deny a user.

Use the command p!use <1-4> to use a move to fight with.

Remember, you’ll need some moves to fight!

Use the command p!moves to view all of the learnable moves your Pokémon can learn.

Use p!learn <move slot> <move number> to learn a move. Levels affect what moves your Pokémon can learn. They will appear in your list of moves when you reach a certain level.

Use the command p!end to end a duel in case of a glitch in the duel process. Please, don’t use this command if your about to lose. A fair fight is a fair fight.

Extra Support and Community

Wait a sec! I still don’t get something. That’s alright. Here are some places you can reach out for help.

Use the #💬╹help-desk channel on our support server , open a ticket, or visit for more ways to receive help.

And that’s about it for now! If you ever need a smaller, more compact list of commands and instructions on what to do, use our p!help command for easy access. More features will come soon and this guide will update along with the updates. Have fun catching em’ all!


Pokecord Website (In development)