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Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, duel and more!


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|About Pokecord Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, duel and more!

| Our Mission With a fun and supportive community, we hope to bring you the best Pokémon experience on Discord.

| Client Reviews [That's you!] Find yourself enjoying Pokecord? Scroll down past this description and write a review!

| List of Features Wondering what we have to offer? Here is a list of our features you'll want to check out!

[1] Catching        | Catch Pokémon
[2] Viewing Pokémon | Info your Pokémon
[3] Trading         | Trade other users
[4] Dueling         | Duel other users
[5] Market          | Sell your Pokémon
[6] Auctions        | Auction your Pokémon
[7] Shop            | Purchase items
[8] Settings        | Setup Pokecord
[9] Misc            | Miscellaneous Commands

| Creating an Account Once added to your server, you'll need to use p!start if you don't have an account already. Refer to the information embed upon Pokecord entering your server for full setup.

| Help and Support Have any questions for us? Come join our support server and stop by our help desk!

| Website [In development] https://pokecord.xyz/#/

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avatar of MysticFyr3
MysticFyr3 2 months ago

Thanks to everyone who has continually shown their support to our development! (As I am a Pokecord moderator) Our staff team does our very best to ensure you get the help and support you need and to grow our community bigger, stronger and better. I would like to leave my own sort of rating based on the community, since I do partially represent Pokecord. Thanks for all your support!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Yup, coming from the developers of Pokecord, we would like to approve of this message haha!

Replying to MysticFyr3

avatar of Ashwin
Ashwin 2 months ago

Great bot loved the bot and the community is really helpful.

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the comment Ashwin, can't wait to see you around more! We miss you!

Replying to Ashwin

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Totally agree, anyone else agrees with Miguel?

Replying to Miguel_THA_b3st

avatar of Raynatsuk (Kinoko)

É muito bom mesmo eu tendo perdido tantos pokémons otimos que não estou encontrando mais depois da atualização, mas melhorou muito tipo na luta agora com as imagens e tudo mais parece que tem uma variedade melhor de pokés e ta com MUITO menos bug recomendo.

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Just translated this to English, and I truly appreciate the nice comment. We try our best to bring out all the features Pokecord used to have because we feel bad for the strong community they built and all the Pokemon their users lost. Don't hesitate to send us suggestions if you would like, we love it when you guys voice your opinions.

Replying to Raynatsuk (Kinoko)

avatar of SnomLover4Lif3
SnomLover4Lif3 2 months ago

I'm quite new to this bot, but I love it so far! Really great community, I feel like I can ask anyone for help!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thanks, SnomLover! We are always here to help and support your journey with us!

Replying to SnomLover4Lif3

avatar of CosmixIc3
CosmixIc3 2 months ago

Absolutely love the community! The moderators are helpful and attentive when answering questions. Excellent support.

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

That's what they are here for, they better be doing their jobs haha. Feel free to contact us whenever you need us, we'll always be there to help you!

Replying to CosmixIc3

avatar of Joujiro Takajo
Joujiro Takajo 2 months ago

This is a really great bot with an amazing community. Although its still a work in progress, you'll almost never find a better community! Everyone was welcoming and super helpful at the help desk and helped me fit in as soon as possible! Double thumbs up!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you for the awesome comment Zenitsu, this is what we like to hear because we try so hard to keep the community safe and clean for everyone to be able to enjoy it together and simply interact with each other. Also, we are working on many more features, however, we are going to need a whole bunch of time in order to finish them all.

Replying to Joujiro Takajo

avatar of .Fuyutsuki
.Fuyutsuki 2 months ago

A great bot with an amazing community

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you, Fuyu! And welcome onto the team ;)

Replying to .Fuyutsuki

avatar of Horny
Horny 2 months ago

I loved the old pokecord thank you for the revival

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Looks like our goal is being fulfilled :)

Replying to Horny

avatar of Platnuu.-
Platnuu.- 2 months ago

This bot is really fun, I really enjoy catching Pokemon, but here's some issues about this system. Some pokemon you need to evolve from high friendship such as evolving from Togepi to Togetic or Golbat to Crobat. Other times you need to level up from a specific area like evolving Magneton to Magnezone by leveling up a Magneton one time in a magnetic field area. I have no idea if friendship status exists in the bot, if there isn't, make the friendship system just like in the game. You would have to hope yourself to catch the final evolved form of that Pokemon. Another problem that I have with this bot is the way I''m teaching my Pokemon moves. Apparently you can teach your Pokemon moves only by level up, but there's no tm moves. TM moves would make your movesets a lot better than just learning moves from level up. Pls add tm moves to Pokemon cause it really does help training your Pokemon, you might want to find a way how you going to develop this system. Overall, it's a solid bot, and was really fun.

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Hey Platnuu, I can tell you are passionate about your Pokemon and we are willing to work with that. We have put TM's on the front of our development list and they will be complete within the next couple of days. We are sorry to hear that we may not have entirely fulfilled your expectations for a solid 5/5 Pokemon bot, however, we are willing to do what it takes to get there. Other than that, thank you so much for the comment, and I hope to see you around!

Replying to Platnuu.-

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you for the comment on our bot, very detailed Jocky... VERY detailed haha ;)

Replying to Jocky

avatar of Irv
Irv 2 months ago

One of the best Pokemon discord bots has a really fun community and ana amazing support system :D

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you Irv, can't wait to hangout with you guys in calls more often <3

Replying to Irv

avatar of maddie
maddie 2 months ago

i personally have loved the community myself and you won't find any other community like this one :)

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Thank you Maddie, it's all because of you and the other mods. Again, thank you for your work.

Replying to maddie

avatar of PandaDaGod6
PandaDaGod6 2 months ago

Bro, lemme tell you I love Pokecord and spend all my time on it, It's so fun!!! 10/10 would recommend using, I love it so much I've donated a total of 50$ so far and that's nothing compared to other donators! Join me in the Pokecord Fun!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Panda love to see it man, thank you so much for the comment, and can't wait to bring you with us on our journey to infinity. I know you'll be sticking with us for a good while haha! <3

Replying to PandaDaGod6

avatar of Momi
Momi 2 months ago

I was never a huge fan of pokemon when I was little, sure I thought they were cute but I could never remember all the names and what evolved into what. But now I find it really fun to collect them and memorize the names to catch them. It's a wonderful bot and I love it so much!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Momi looks like we rocked the same boat. I was never really into them either, however after I started working on this bot I think I found a new passion for them. It's great to know we may have brung you closer to Pokemon, thank you for letting us know!

Replying to Momi

avatar of SonicSt3rm
SonicSt3rm 2 months ago

I have to say, although this is a less developed development, I absolutely love how the staff team and the developers take into consideration the community's ideas and not just their own. Really makes us feel special inside. Keep up the good work!

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

Sonic storm, this right here warms my heart because that's exactly what we spend so much time doing, and when people realize it, it truly makes us developers put on a true smile because we know our work is being appreciated. So thank you so much for this nice comment. We hope you enjoy our bot for eternity.

Replying to SonicSt3rm

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

I agree with you, and we are the new Pokecord that you need <3

Replying to Smug n' Spooky Buckethead

avatar of Kay Rae
Kay Rae 2 months ago

Its awesome, can't wait for the markets to be open again. I loved the old poke cord and was simply elated to see this amazing revival. Thank you for your hard work!! Everyone in my server is already having so much fun :)

avatar of Pokecord
Pokecord 2 months ago

That's a check to our first goal, making sure you are having fun. Also, the Market is back up and running!

Replying to Kay Rae

avatar of Viva cristo rey
Viva cristo rey 2 months ago

y para que sirve el vote? antes daba creditos si votabas, ahora no hace una mierda