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Shiny RPG. Slimes are people, too. Get them and see!


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Play a game of leveling up yourself and a bunch of JRPG slimes. Battle enemies with your custom party of characters to level up, get coins, and find rarer slimes. Most importantly, level up your slimes to transform them into cute girls... and cool guys!

Shiny RPG!

Invite the bot to your server or send it a DM to play.

Here are all the commands you can say to the bot:
s/? Show a list of commands.
s/start Start playing the game.
s/hourly Get an hourly reward.
s/daily Get a daily reward.
s/vote Get a reward every 12 hours.
s/cooldown See hourly, daily, and vote times.
s/get Get more slimes.
s/train Spend coins to get slime EXP.
s/play Spend coins to get slime love.
s/battle Fight teams of enemies.
s/inventory See your profile.
s/shop Buy items.
s/stats See character or party stats.
s/list See lists of characters.
s/? 2 Show page 2 of the command list.
s/add Add a character to the party.
s/remove Remove a character from the party.
s/clear Clear the party.
s/party Set the party to use for battles and stuff.
s/notify Toggle notification messages.
s/name Name (rename) a character or party.
s/dm Make the bot send you a message.

Shiny RPG is a work in progress. I'm coding it, and my favorite artists are drawing for it! My goal is to have over 200 original characters to collect or transform. Want to see this game evolve over time?

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