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A bot that detects NSFW images using AI and deletes them. (GIF support)


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v2.0 Released!

Hey I just released a new version of the bot! it now has slash commands instead of normal commands and it is more stable and faster than before!


--- ANTI NSFW ---
Anti NSFW deletes any NSFW images sent by users that the bot has identified as NSFW
Anti NSFW uses an AI to determine if an image is NSFW and if it is confident that the image sent by the user is NSFW the bot deletes the message sent from the user

--- Logging ---
The /set-logs command allows you to set the logs channel Usage: /set-logs #channel

The bot will send a message there once a message has been deleted and also show you the images that the user has sent (as clickable links)
If you want log messages you need to use this command as the bot doesn't send log messages into channels by default

(The bot also needs permissions to send messages in that channel or else it won't send log messages)

--- Required Permissions ---
These are required permissions to make the bot work as it should
without it the bot will break:

  • Send Messages
  • Read Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Add Reactions
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files

Please make sure those permissions are granted when you invite the bot and try to use it

--- Disclaimer ---
If you want the bot to show deleted images in the logs channel that you specified you need to manually enable it and if you enable it you agree to the bot storing deleted images for a temporary time (this is so you can view deleted images in the logs channel so you can verify if those images were indeed NSFW)

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