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Heyyy, you're looking for a capable bot that supports the moderation of your server? O.o, may I take over this job? I'm sorry, I should intr


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Multiporpose Bots with over 240 cmds in 12 modules.
Aviable languages: DE & ENG.

Heyyy, you're looking for a capable bot that supports the moderation of your server? O.o I should introduce myself. I'm Shinu ☆〜(ゝ。∂)I'm an all-rounder bot who strives for perfection *^* I know, I know that's impossible sighs, but vlt can accompany me on my way, I would be very happy about it ∩^ω^∩

Moderation Module [13 Commands]

• Kick or ban users by their ID and keep your server clean.
• Mute annoying members or warn them.
• Delete messages

Info Module [19 Commands]

• Keep an Overview over your Server and Members
• See permissions, Invites or geneal information of an channel
• Get infos about your weather or corona stats

Configuration Module [12 Commands]

• Customize your Server with welcome or goodbye messages
• Keep track of your mods with shinus action log
• Enable xp messages or autoquoting

Economy Module [20 Commands]

• Have fun with classic econemy cmds like rob, daily,...
• marry someone or try your luck a slots

Anime Module [4 Commands]

• Search Animes or get random animes
• get ranodm waifus or animequotes

Fun Module [47 Commands]

• Have fun with your friends with rate cmds or joke cmds
• Ask her questions via 8ball or get ranodm facts about animals

Music Module [6 Commands]

• Listen to your favorite Youtube Musik
• Skip songs in your queue or get infos about the current playing song

Gif Module [28 Commands]

• Express yourself with cute gifs like hug or slap

Image Module [25 Commands]

• Turn your avatar into a wanted poster or show your angryness about the trigger cmd

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