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Want to make you server better than ever? Then you should invite Artemis! A multi-purpose bot that will bring fun and awesome utility tools!






Who is Artemis?

Artemis is a multi-tool Discord Bot that is suitable for any Community Server. Artemis is currently in 50+ servers and counting! Being a fantastic choice for any server that wants to spice up their server!

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the ability to bring fun to Discord Servers so users and groups can spend more time connecting with their friends and communities. If you happen to have any comments, concerns or maybe questions, or happen to find any bugs or broken features, make sure to join our Support Server for more information! If you want to view all commands, please run ^help.


Artemis currently supports multiple fun modules along with a few plugins you could add! Some notable commands are:
^help - Allows you to access all of Artemis's commands.
^plugin - Allows for you to add plugins into your server for some extra fun!
^inviteinfo - Gets information about a server invite by getting it's channel, server information, and more!
^clean - If someone has spammed Artemis's commands, you can easily clean out Artemis's responses.
^play - Allows for you to add Artemis into a voice channel for some music or background noise!
^slap - Slap someone for stealing your cookie!
^highfive - Give someone a high-five for doing well!
And much, much more!


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