A multi purpose bot that has fun commands along with moderation.

Created By: Jaxxx# 0001

The bots name is Gir, a character from a nickolodean tv show called Invader Zim. Gir has commands like .ppsize, .howgay, .8ball and some economy commands like .work, .beg, .search. Gir also has interaction commands and moderation commands like (interaction) .pat, .nom, .kick, (moderation) .ban, .kick, .mute. FULL COMMAND LIST: MODERATION .kick .ban .clear .warn .checkwarns .mute .unmute FUN .ppsize .howgay .gir i want a cookie .eatcookie .mycookies .ship <@mention> .ph .8b .whois .versescale .rate .rps {rock/paper/scissors} INTERACTION .hug .punch .slap .boop .nom .hug .kiss .tickle ECONOMY .work .daily .beg .search .bal .with .dep