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Discord bot that provides an easy way to save screenshots from your Nintendo Switch to your PC or mobile device.


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Switchshot is a bot that lets you easily send your Nintendo Switch (or any other console's) screenshots to you over Discord. Simply sign up, then tweet your screenshots from your console with the tag $swsht. You'll get a DM with your screenshots attached, then the tweet will be deleted so you don't clutter your timeline.

To use the bot, you're welcome to join the Switchshot server at https://discord.gg/UHcvugC, or you can invite the bot to your own server. You need to share at least one server with DMs enabled, otherwise you won't be able to receive your screenshots.

For more information, visit the Switchshot site: https://switchshot.app


All commands are handled through direct messages with no prefix. The bot does not send messages in servers.

You can get a full list of commands by typing help - here are the most important ones:


Run this command to start listening for tweets. You will be asked to log in with your Twitter account, so the bot can verify account ownership and delete your tweets once they've been processed.


Run this command to stop listening for tweets. This will also revoke the bot's access to your Twitter account.

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