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Create private voice channels in your Discord using a Lobby / Master / Join to Create channel. Customizable • Perfect for gaming Servers


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Amazing New Features!

🔐 Hide command, so your locked channel is no longer visible =hide to make the channel invisible once it's closed =unhide to show it again Another much requested feature: Verified role. -> You can now set a role that is required for your members to be able to use PrivateVoice. -> Do =set verified {@role} to set it up. It can be configured per category.

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PrivateVoice is a bot to create and manage private voice channels in your Discord server. With this bot, you don't have to create a voice channel for every members' needs. The bot does this for you by making (and cleaning up again) channels at the users demand by having one Lobby / Master / Join to Create channel.

This bot is ideal for large gaming servers and playing games like Among Us.


The bot allows you to set many custom features.

  • Users can hide their own channel

  • Multiple channel naming presets and Custom Naming

    • Include Username, Highest role and Channel index
  • Setup moderator roles

  • Allow users to change their channel name

  • Toggle streaming and push to talk

  • Open and Close your own channel

  • Change the UserLimit

  • Change the prefix by mentioning the bot


Some amazing extra features for our amazing users!

  • Custom channel Naming
  • Multiple categories == Multiple 'Join to create' / 'LOBBY' / 'Master' channels
  • Set a verified / member role to indicate the users that can use PrivateVoice
  • Many more to come!

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For more info, please visit our support server

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