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Moses The Prophet

A multi-purpose bot to smooth out your Multiplayer Basketball GM experience!



Moses The Prophet (also affectionally referred to as Serena) is a multi-purpose bot designed to assist multiplayer Basketball GM servers. For a long time, almost all work done in Multiplayer BBGM was manual; I came along and said, that seems kind of stupid and made this bot.

Moses The Prophet can load Basketball GM exports (such as and display all kinds of useful information from them, including but not limited to player stats, player ratings, team histories, team matchups, and draft class information.

Moses The Prophet can also help run many aspects of a Basketball GM multiplayer league with its inbuilt connection with DecisionMaker, allowing it to run Free Agency, Player Options, Refusals, and much more.

More features are constantly being added to Moses to make your multiplayer BBGM life better.

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