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A bot that has 3 categories of commands in it.


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Çorap Bot has 3 general categories in it: Fun, moderation, general. In this way you can make your server more secure anda have fun with Çorap Bot.

Commands Descriptions
+help Shows help menu.
+auto-role Gives a role to your new server members.
+ad-block Your server members can not advertise in text channels.
+change-nick Changes the name of the member you want.
+nuke Deletes the channel you wrote the command and create another room with the same instances.
+invite Sends you the invite link of the bot.
+purge Deletes messages.
+ban Bans the person you want.
+unban Unbans the person you want.
+kick Kicks the person you want.
+mute Mutes the person you want.
+unmute Unmutes the person you want.

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