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Custom Helper bot which helps in scrims/tournaments management which is hosted on discord, having fun cmds, moderation cmds and much more.


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Custom Helper Commands

This bot will help you in customs in many ways. You can find all commands by typing $help in any text channels. Few commands are listed below...

General Commands

  • $ping - To check the bots ping.
  • $embed - To embed you message.
  • $addrole - Add role to a user.
  • $rmrole - Remove role from a user.
  • $toprole - Check your or any users top role.
  • $massrole - Give a role to mulitple users at a time.
  • $myroles - Check your all roles.
  • $premissions - Check your premission in a server.
  • $shareidp - To share PUBGM customs room's id pass in a attractive look.

Fun Commands

  • $avatar - To get the users avatar.
  • There are many commands in this category for more commands type $help on your server.

Moderation commands

  • $sayinchan - Send message in particular channel.
  • $purge - To delete message from channel.
  • $lock - To disable text channel for chat.
  • $unlock - To reopen text channel for chat.
  • $kick - Kick a user.
  • $ban - Ban a user.

Information Commands

  • $userinfo - Show details about a user.
  • $botinfo - Show the bot details.
  • $invite - To get invite link of bot.
  • $serverinfo - To get information about slot.

If you have issue with any command just type $help <command_name>, bot will send all information related to that command.

For now we have all these feature we will update with cool features soon that will help you in custom/scrims in many ways.Make sure to join our support server for any type of assist. Stay connected with us for cool new features.

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