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CryptBot is an economic bot that focuses around building a new virtual world of Crypt credits, easy to use and customize in your server!


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CryptBot is an online currency economy bot, focusing on what's in the shop & rare items. You can trade Crypt credits/coins with other items from different users in your guilds(as of right now). In your Guild, you can customize your items & as a Guild owner you can put up your own shop for your Guild. So, everyone has a fair trade we made it so that each person has to trade at least 1 item. To keep earning more than normal doing your tasks will help you earn faster. If you're interested in us adding more features you can leave a review down below or just use our suggest command.

  • For any queries join our Support Server, we are accepting Beta Testers!

Features to be on the watch out for:

  • Featured users & shop!
  • Shop automatically change in with new items!
  • Detailed error responses & how to fix on your own!

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