Roblox statistics bot and also basic moderation tools.

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Created By: drim# 9627

This bot is about different Roblox Statistics and also basic moderation tools.

The Roblox Statistics include: roblox profile stats such as friend count, join date, follower count etc. This can be done by just using the command and typing in a username.

Another feature of Roblox Statistics is: roblox group stats such as: member count, all the roles inlcuding how many people have each role. Also all this can be done by using the command with group name!

Another statistics feature is: catalog item stats with the item ID. This will give you stats such as when the item was created and the sales, owner etc.

This is all done in Python with the Roblox API!

The basic Moderation Tools are:

  • Purging Messages
  • Kicking users
  • Banning users