Emoji Thief

Easily manage your server's emojis/emotes -- steal emojis from other servers, use Nitro emojis for free, and find new emojis.

Created By: ruby# 1337

Easily manage your server's emojis with Emoji Thief, your one-stop-shop for emojis. With constant updates, a growing list of commands, and never-before-seen Emoji features, Emoji Thief is the bot for your server.

Emoji Thief will help you:

  • Steal emojis from other servers
  • Manage (delete, rename, purge) your emojis
  • Get new emojis from online
  • Vastly improve your server!
Category Commands
Emoji browse emojify info jumbo list pack packs pfp pride random replace search steal url
Management delete purge rename rolelock rolelocks
Information freeze help invite stats vote