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Self Moderation, Economy, Covid Tracking, Memes, What Better Could You Expect?

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About TacoMod

TacoMod is a mutlipurpose bot ranging from Moderation Commands to Economy commands and also meme commands

TacoMod comes with many features that can entertain you for many hours such as the utiltiy commands and the fun ones

You can also play minigames on this bot and the bot can provide you with covid stats!

• Fun Commands consist of memes and jokes, also you can play minesweeper using this bot :)

• Moderation Commands consist of ban/kick/purge (more coming soon)

• Economy Commands consist of work/daily/bal (more coming soon)

• Fun Fact Commands consists of cat fact/covid fact/ dog fact/ computer fact/ food fact/ space fact/ emoji fact :)

Using TacoMod can make your server even better! You can run !help to see all the bot's commands!

The Best Discord Joker Bot!

The Best Discord Games Bot!

Funny Memes!

An Easy To Use TacoMod Video Guide!

User Reviews


Based on 4 reviews

avatar of Ommer Warrior
Ommer Warrior 14 days ago

A very good bot, highly recommended


avatar of Reedeht
Reedeht 9 days ago

5/5 best bot suggested I buy stellaris... would recommend if you want to make your server more fun

avatar of TacoMod
TacoMod 9 days ago

Glad your enjoying it! Keep playing!

Replying to Reedeht

avatar of Aarno
Aarno 22 days ago

Nice bot! has mini-games and keeps on getting new features, would recommend for servers

avatar of TacoMod
TacoMod 22 days ago

Glad to hear your enjoying the bot! Keep playing!

Replying to Aarno

avatar of Shah
Shah 8 days ago

good bot