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Executive is a custom fnaf bot with Basic Moderation and commands such as FNAFSONA, 8Ball, Five Nights at Freddy's Trivia, !Kill, and more!



Executive Phone is a fnaf/five nights at freddy's styled bot! To see the bot's commands, do !EXCommands. The bot will respond with a list of commands.

Usually the bot is online. If the bot is not responding, try using !ping or check if it is online.

Executive can do many things! Certain abilities include, but are not limited to:

Telling you about Fazbear Entertainment.

Helping you with paperwork (Not really.)

A Custom Five Nights at Freddy's Character response command! (!FNAFSONA)

Acting as a security guard. (Can be used to mute, kick, ban, purge, etc.)

Use a custom !suggest command, and the bot will place your suggestions in a suggestion channel! Useful for server owners and admins.

(Random Encounters are currently de-activated and will return soon.)

Music with Music Man or random fnaf Facts!

Create your own custom memes with the bot!

Use the custom !Kill @user command to kill users with fnaf related deaths!

Use !8ball to ask the bot's opinion.

Use !Faz Trivia or !UselessFacts for random fnaf trivia/Faz-facts!

Search on Urban, Imgur, Twitch & Giphy!

Support server invite link: https://discord.gg/vm5aqEGtBA

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