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Venus is a easy to use and powerful Discord bot which contains a lot of features you probably need






About Venus

Venus is easy to use and powerful Discord bot which contains many features you probably need such as Fun, moderation, music, economy, tickets, giveaways, memes and much more

Moderation Commands:

  • Ban, kick, mute, unmute, lock, unlock, warn, deletewarn, antibots, ticket-setup, setwelcomer, setautorole, setbye, addrole, delrole, setnick, unban, clear
  • Fun Commands:

  • advice, meme, roast, motivation, joke, ascii, roll, 8ball, slots, rps, coinflip, calculate, reverse, iq, wouldyourather, rate
  • Economy Commands:

  • balance, daily, weekly, send, gamble, roulette, dep, withdraw, beg, rob, store, buy
  • General Commands:

  • avatar, snipe, serverinfo, botinfo, userinfo, uptime, translate, spotify, wikipedia, roleinfo, channelinfo, define, crypto, rolememeberinfo, ping, botinvite, anime, weather, covid, youtube, contact
  • Music Commands:

  • play, pause, np, skip, stop, queue, volume, resume
  • Giveaway Commands:

  • giveaway, reroll
  • Images Commands:

  • trigger, avatarfusion, phcomment, tweet, clyde, supreme, dog, cat, facepalm
  • NSFW Commands:

  • ass, boobs
  • If you need help with Venus make sure to use v!help command or join the Venus support server

    Venus prefix is customizable!

    Venus Dev, owner: regorce#1337

    Venus Hosting: VPS

    Venus Library: discord.js

    Venus Website:

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