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This bot is meant for entertainment, catch your favorite waifu/husbando and interact and trade with others. Have fun!



Welcome to Waifugami!

Waifugami is a card collector bot made with the purpose of entertaining, we exist since June 2020 and have ever since been hard working and upgrading the bot day after day.
Waifugami is all about collecting your favorite waifus and husbandos by claiming and trading.
This bot is completely free to play, no pay to win currecies and no pay walls.
We listen to our community and improve based on the feedback we get from you!
We actively chat in the main support server of Waifugami, so make sure to come and say hello, we don't bite!
We strive to make this bot one the most used anime and manga related bots on discord and can only get there with your support.

Here are some of the reasons why you should join the support server and start playing Waifugami in your own server!

New Characters and Images every day!

New Characters and Images every day!

Based on your suggestions and our own kind of magic, our staff implements into the bot Characters from new anime and manga as well as a ton of images, every day!

Image quality like nowhere else!

Image quality like nowhere else!

Ever dreamt of a bot with great image quality?
So did we!
And thus we made that dream come true, just for you! Our images are hand picked by our staff and only the cream of the crop makes it into the bot for the pleasure of your eyes~

Easy to pick up commands!

Easy to pick up commands!

We know how annoying it can be to type commands longer than ones arm!!
So our commands are compact and will give you what you want without having to open way too many menus, forget the confusion, if you need guidance .help will always be there for you to use with all our commands, as well as useful information about the bot!

New Season
New Events!

New Season
New Events!

12 Months
6 Months Worth of Events!

February: Valentines
April: Spring
July & August: Summer
October: Halloween
December: Christmas

Your Luck Against All Odds!

Your Luck Against All Odds!

Hard to beat adventure quests for only the strongest of characters!
Extremely hard to get rarities for the luckiest!

Will you take the one in a million chance?

Regular Updates, Tweaks & Bug Fixes!

Regular Updates, Tweaks & Bug Fixes!

In addition to the new characters and images daily, we also update the bot with awesome features every so often, tweak rates to keep a fair economy, and fix all those wiggly bugs before they multiply!

How to Set Up waifugami in Your Server

To add waifugami to your server, use the invitation link and make sure that you’ve given the bot all the required permissions.

The more channels the bot can read in your server the more active the spawns will be.

To get started you imperatively need more than 25 members in your server. You are presented to you two ways of setting spawns, one is just activating spawns with .activatespawns and the bot will make a spawn happen every 2 minutes in any channel where the bot can write in and has an active chat, such as an ongoing conversation.

The other way is doing the command .setspawnchannel inside of the channel you want the spawns to happen, in that case whenever a channel the bot can read is active a spawn will happen in the channel where spawns have been set previously with a cooldown of 2 minutes.

And there you go! Waifugami is all setup, get chatting, get claiming and collect plenty of amazing Waifus and Husbandos for you to keep and trade!

How to Play waifugami

Waifugami has a multitude of features available for you to use but here are some of the most important.


Whenever a server has an active chat which the bot can read a spawn will happen with a cooldown of 2 minutes, try out your skills and claim whoever spawns!

Moreover, chests may also spawn, if you're lucky enough one of them may be a mythical Saintly mimic or even a Zeta mimic! However evil mimics may also come your way!!!


Since data is shared across all servers you may end up meeting someone with a character you want, if they are trading said character you can try offering some of your own characters to them!

Try to match the wishlist and likes amount of the characters you are trading with the characters you want, nothing better to achieve successful trades!


Get a link to this page, where you can vote once every 12 hours. Voting will also bring you a nice reward in the form of DreamPoints!
Waifugami DMs you all the commands available in the bot
This will get you your daily points, you can use your daily every 23 hours!
Will get you a new character every single day!
.claim [name]
This command is used to claim any character that possibly spawns in the server you are in!
.open [chest type]
Opens up the chest if you have the correct key available in your inventory!
Will display the latest claim you have obtained!
.list or .l
With this command you can open up your list and see which characters you have obtained!
.view [localID] or .v [localID]
With this command you can view the character you have in your list!~
.remove [localID] or .rm [localID]
Will prompt if you would want to remove the character for points or not.
.inventory or .inv
This will open your inventory to see how many points you have obtained and the amount of keys you posses.
Opens your profile, where you can view your total claims, your unique claims and your favorite character.
.roll [Normal] or [Zeta]
This will roll a random character of any rarity for the amount of 200 DP or a Zeta(with a chance for Omega) for the amount of 17500 DP!
.sl or .serieslist
This command will open up a list of all existing series in Waifugami!
However this command can also be used to look up certain series in the bot, you can do so by using .sl [series].
.sc [SeriesID]
Will show you all of the characters available in the bot within that series!
.si [SeriesID or Name] or .seriesinfo [SeriesID or Name]
Will show you a basic description of the anime.
.info [Character Name or ID] or .i [Character Name or ID]
This command displays the information about a certain character. It will show how many people wish for this character and how many have given the character a like!
.lookup [Character Name] or .lu [Character Name]
With this you can find a character you don't know the full name of! Handy for claiming characters~
.like [Character Name or ID]
This command gives a like to the character that you love! Make sure to show your favorite characters enough love!
Trying to like the character you have liked already will result in removing the like.
.favorite [LocalID] [emoji] or .fav [LocalID] [emoji]
With this command you can put an emoji on the character in your list!
.favoriteseries [SeriesID] [emoji] or .favs [SeriesID] [emoji]
Now you can also put the same favorite over a single series you own.
Trying to favorite the character with an emoji will remove the favorite. A sidenote to this: Not every emoji is available currently.
.favs [SeriesID] will bulk remove favorites from the mentioned series.
.completion [SeriesID or Name]
This will check how many characters you have of the series and will show you which ones you still need.
.privatelist or .pl
This will make your list private, so that others won't be able to look into in your list.
.setwaifu [characterID] [image number]
The character ID means the ID the character displays when you info them, the image number starts counting from 0, the next image is 1 and so on...
Invite Waifugami to your server, of course this doesn't need admin permissions, using this command in any channel the bot can read will DM you a link to invite the it to your own server!
.setprefix [prefix]
If you don't like the prefix of the bot, you can of course change it to another prefix.
(PS: weird prefixes may make the bot not repond to anything)
If the prefix you set doesn't work and you cannot use the prefix anymore, this command will save your day and reset the prefix back to the original one, just type the word resetprefix with no prefix on it!
This command will activate the spawns for your server! But keep in mind that you will need at least 25 members in the server for this to work.
The spawns of the bot will be redirected to the channel you use this command in.
.trade [@user] or .t [@user]
Will initiate the trade between you and that user.
.taccept or .tac
Will accept the incoming trade.
.trefuse or .tref
Will refuse the incoming trade.
.tabort or .tab
Will abort the trade that you are currently in.
.tadd [localID] or .ta [localID]
Will add the character from your list to the trade.
.tremove [localID] or .trm [localID]
Will remove the Character from the trade.
.wishlist or .w
Will open your wishlist! These are all the characters that you wish to have.
.wa [Character Name or ID] [-type (type)]
This command will add the character you wrote down to the wishlist, the -type is optional and you don't have to add this.
However if you do add the -type to a character, it will show up with this rarity on your wishlist!
.wr [Character Name or ID] [-type (type)]
Get a link to this page
This command purges your entire wishlist clean from all the characters, be careful with this command.
.puzzle [puzzleID]
The puzzleID is from 1, 2, 3 and counting up with every new puzzle added.
.solvepuzzle "puzzleID" "solution"
This will solve the puzzle, you get a reward for solving every puzzle!
.puzzleleaderboard or .puzzlelb
This will display the top 20 in leaderboard of who solved the most puzzles.
.team [teamID]
This will display the current team you have and show you the power of the team.
.teamadd [localID] [teamID] [position]
Here the localID is the character from your list.
The teamID displays which team you want to add the character to and the position is where in the team you want to add the character to.
This command will add the character to the team and position you wrote down.
.teamremove [teamID] [position]
TeamID displays which team and position the position the character is in.
This will remove the character from the team.
.setteamname "teamID" "name"
This will change the name of the team that you want.
.adventure or .ad
This will open up your adventure status! See which quests are available and send your team on a quest!
.startadventure [teamID] or .sad [teamID]
Will initiate an adventure with the team you choose!
.endadventure or .ead
This will stop the adventure your team is on & you will receive the rewards if your team survives!
This command will collect the rewards earned from all quests done so far.
.suggest [suggestion ID] [suggestion]
Make a suggestion for the bot! Can be anything, series, character, images, ideas, etc.
However this command can only be used in the main support server in #send-suggestions channel!
- 0 is for suggesting series.
- 1 is for suggesting characters.
- 2 is for suggesting images.
- 3 is for suggesting gifs.
- 4 is for suggesting ideas/features.
.help 10
Boosters and Donors in the main support server commands
Small perks mostly cosmetic for users who support us to enjoy!

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