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Ducked is a bot with an economy system, friendship module, and much more!


dkd (Customizable)




Ducked is a bot solo developed by dgyh.

Modules ━ 7

  • Economy
  • Info
  • Fun
  • Friendship
  • Config
  • Images
  • Profiles

Commands ━ 31

  • Economy ━ 8 bal, stones, gethouse, house, sell, pay, future, math

  • Info ━ 3 help, stuff, changelog

  • Fun ━ 8 ask-kana, ask-crystal, kill, kys, roll, rollbet, howclean, joke

  • Friendship ━ 6 lovecount, slap, hug, kiss, highfive, attention

  • Config ━ 1 setprefix

  • Images ━ 3 fish, givefish, think

  • Profiles ━ 2 profile, setdescription

Images of usage

The math command from the economy module allows you to count math for a random amount of money. If you fail or take too long, you won't get any money.

The stuff command from the info module allows you to see the server's and other details.

You can do like this (idk what else to say about it, you get the point).

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