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A funny, tiny bot for your server! He is a very good pewmaster, and you should add him!



This is AlexAS0Bot, a tiny bot that is created from the german youtuber AlexAS09.
He is a pewmaster, and you should add him!
This bot is special, because it has special commands!
With special commands, we mean: Among Us commands, custom slowmode and more!

Here is a quick tour how you can start with AlexAS0Bot:

  1. You might first want to see the commands first. Check them with pew!help
  2. If you checked the commands, use them! Some commands might need permissions to use, example: You can't use pew!clear without the permission "Manage Messages"
  3. If you want to see more information about the bot, use pew!about
    That's it!

    If you have issues with the bot, join our discord server here: c l i c k
    The server is normally a german server, but with an extra lounge for AlexAS0Bot.
    Don't worry about the welcome screen you see when you join!
    If you don't know what to press, just click "I'll just look around for now" on the welcome screen.
    Then click on the category "Bot Support" and click "#verify", verify yourself and get support!

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