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advanced bot create custom commands / response with 305 function / tags , auto role ,Ticket , embed ,event custom welcome ,easier Yagpdb


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Major Update

The bot has 2 new triggertype Interval and Timed Event.This opens a new world of customization with automated and planned custom command like an Example for a bitthday.Don't forget to check it out and stay tuned for new epic updates.


Custom Command Bot

Create Custom Commands with over 305 functions. The bot is really easy to use and no knowledge is needed for it.The bot allows you to create custom commands and use functions like Give Role, send Embed, create Ticket, kick/ban, delete, add Reaction .....and much more Use different trigger like word reaction join/leave interval timed

Pls Check our Docs under Gitbook for tutorial and usage

Possible Usage/Example

This is just an example of what you can do with the bot. You can make almost everything with Custom Commands. Just check the docs for the functions and use it to make your own custom command. These examples are all made with custom commands and are fully customizable.

Reaction Role / Roleplay

Welcome Message


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Made with Custom Commands too


Since our bot is advanced ,we let you to configure everything. There are three Different Trigges

  • Message --> Non prefixed or regex or an all message
  • Reaction
  • Join/Leave
  • Interval

New Feature:

Welcomer: highly customizeable with dashboard Use the live preview to generate perfect images

Ignore Roles,Channels and Permissions The bot allows you to listen to bots. Our Team has made a big collection of custom commands.You can clone it just with a command.You can find the code in our Support server

Getting Started

There are two types to create custom commands.You can use the dashboard or create command.This just a shoutout pls check our detailed docs for more info.


Use our Dashboard to create Custom Commands


Use !!create command to create really fast custom commands

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