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Tea Cup Utilities

Tea Cup Utilities is a Nadeko rework. No need for any other bot with this beast watching your chat!



Getting started

Navigating through TCU is very straightforward. Simply do .h or .help and it'll DM you a clean message telling you how to go on from there.


Administration; from Moderation, to logs to welcoming messages, TCU has it all!
Custom Reactions; make your own commands with this banger of a module!  
Economy; a super fun built-in economy system, ready to be played!
Permissions; setting up permissions on who can or can't use which commands has never been this easy!
Xp; yep. TCU even has a leveling system, both server based and globally!

To check out all other modules, do .modules!


As TCU is completely open-source, you can host it yourself! For more info on this, check out our GitLab!

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