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Menhera has more than 50 commands in her arsenal. She is a multipurpose bot

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avatar of Variety
Variety 19 days ago

I’ve been using the “Menhera Chan” bot for quite some time now. I think it’s a great bot with fun commands and more! It’s been quite useful and entertaining for me and my members in my server. Even the staff and developers in the support server are very helpful and kind. You should try it out if you haven’t already!

avatar of Menhera Chan
Menhera Chan 19 days ago

Thanks you for such good review

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avatar of zenwork
zenwork 19 days ago

I've just started to use Menhera-chan in my server mainly because I like her and I found this bot by looking her up. Glad I found it too because her commands are fun and simple. The only minor complaint I would make is the variety of role-play gifs there are. The setup for Menhera got a bit confusing, but I got it down. Otherwise, great bot, keep it up.

avatar of Menhera Chan
Menhera Chan 19 days ago

Thanks for such a great reviews. Yes we realised the setup was hard. To make it much more easier we have launched dashboard setup you can check it out on our website

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avatar of Ayano
Ayano 16 days ago

good bot


avatar of Broody
Broody 15 days ago

Wow i know this bot from starting only because it is so good and has a good developers in it. Excellent effort has been made for this bot! Keep it up :)

avatar of Menhera Chan
Menhera Chan 15 days ago

Thank You for choosing Menhera Chan

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