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A french discord bot developped by Miaki 😎 I currently contain short games, fun commands, moderation commands and lots of other functions!



Developped by Miaki, I've firstly been created for La Grande Famille's Discord server. I'm inspired by "Tomnyan"'s design, in "Yokai Watch".

Following are some commands that might fulfill your needs : *007 : Double-0 Seven game (3 choices : shoot, reload, protect. First to shoot their opponent while they're reloading wins).

*8ball : Ask a question! What shall the magic ball respond?

*ricardo : Ricardo, beauty itself 🤩. You would have fun discovering some of his cool GIFs, wouldn't you?

La Grande Famille : https://top.gg/servers/727585470602805409 (If you ever need help, find it here.)

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