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A Hypixel Guild stat-checking bot, which does multiple guild-stat checking functions! Still a WIP!






PREFIX: + A Hypixel Guild stat-checking bot which can give a list of people under a guild-exp threshold, list an individual player's stats in the guild, or list the whole guild's stats! Still a WIP! Commands:

  1. +gexp [ign] [amount] Shows the amount of people under the [amount] threshhold
  2. +gstats [ign] Shows the stats of the guild that player [ign] is in
  3. +gpstats [ign] Shows the stats of the player [ign] in the guild
  4. +servers Shows how many servers or guilds, the bot is in
  5. +invite Gives a bot invite link
  6. +help Gives a help embed
  7. +support Directs you to a discord server to make a support ticket in.
  8. +verify [ign] NEW! Verify function, allows you to toggle the verify function on/off using, /verifytoggle

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