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Interactive/fun bot Includes: Leveled Roles, Invite Tracker, Currency system, Guess the character Game, Booster only commands, and more!







  1. Xp system:
  • leveled roles
  • Xp is earned by chatting and has a 2 minute cooldown
  • You can customize the amount of xp earned every 2 minutes
  • Built in commands for fun Xp games
  • Leaderboards!
  1. Economy/Currency system
  • Customizable currency name to fit your server theme
  • Has all basic commands:
    • bal
    • shop
    • daily
    • buy
    • dep/withdraw
    • rob
  • Fully customizable shop where you can buy Roles and Xp!
  • Guess the character game where YOU add the characters
    • With a command you can add/remove character from your server guess the character game so it fits your server theme!
  • Fully Customizable Money Drop in chat!
    • An embed with a customizable picture will suddenly spawn in chat! Member race to claim the Drop with the randomized code!
  • You can also set role allowances
    • People with certain roles can collect there allowance every 12 hours!
  1. Nitro Booster Perks
  • Nitro Boosters Can create and edit there own custom roles!
    • They can run a command to create there role! only 1 role per person!
    • edit command to edit there role name and color whenever they want
  • You can set the position where this role will be hoisted
  • These commands can also be used by people who have the access role which you can set!
  1. Invite System
  • Counts invites and leaves from a user!
  • You can set up a channel to log the invites!
  • Bot rewards users when they invite people with currency!
    • amount is completely customizable
    • encourages people to invite there friends into the server!
  • Invite leaderboard
  1. Security system
  • Completely Optional!
  • Set limits to how many channels can be created/destroyed in a certain amount of time!
  • Set limits to how many bans/kicks a user can do in a certain amount of time!
  • Prevent bots from joining the server
  • Whitelist Users!
  • Keeps your server safe from any type of raiding/nuking

preview the bot setup to its full potential here:

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