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A pokemon text-based game which allows players to not only catch and trade pokemon but also PVP with other players



PokeWod - Yet Another Pokemon Bot

  1. PokeWod gives you an amazing feel of catching and showing-off your best pokemon.

  2. With a great legendary spawn rate and static processing, the bot is much faster and always up for new updates!

  3. PS- The first starter is a redeem and is free for you. You may even use it later i.e. you can catch pokemons before claiming your starter.

  4. Do p!starter (Literally any Pokemon)

  5. Also, you can info it using p!info or p!info latest.

  6. For Admins who would like to change the prefix of the bot, they can do so by p!change_prefix (prefix). By default it is p!

  7. p!help command gives you a holistic list of all the commands available.

  8. The official server has autospawn channel which spawns pokemon every 120 seconds. This can be added to multiple other servers in a paid option.

  9. Have any fixes/suggestions? p!fix (your message)

  10. There are pokemon battles (with and without random moves) and an auction house/ global market place for you to sell pokemon.

  11. Normal pokes are gifs, shinies are pics, and gen8 is added so what else you wish?

Lastly, the bot does not feed in your personal data. We appreciate your concerns and we make sure to be in line with the discord privacy policies.

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