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A multipurpse moderation bot for your Discord server! HypeBot is the bot for you! This bot will help you with your everyday needs.






. !Help Lists available commands . . !Kick [@user] [reason] Kicks the mentioned user. . !Ban [@user] [reason] Bans the mentioned user . . !Mute [@user] Mutes the mentioned user . . !Unmute [@user] Unmutes the mentioned user. . !Purge Deletes 20 messages !Say hello, and the bot will say hello . . !Ping Tells you your ping. . !Say Make the bot say anything you like . . !Roll You roll the dice!. . !CoolRate Tells you how Cool are you. . !Report [@user] Reports the person to the owner of HB. . !Rock , !Paper , !Siccors [R,P,S] Rock, paper, scissors, choose r,p, or s . . !Invite Creates a invite so you can invite the bot to your server. . !SmartRate says how smart you are. . !FameRate says how fame you are. . !FamousRate Says how famous you are. . !HackMe is faking that get IP and password. . !Meme is just showing meme. . !GenerateNum just generates number from 0-20. . !help is giving you Basic Moderations cmds and Commands. . !Owner Tells you the owners of HypeBot. ----Comming Feature----

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