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Weather Bot gives general information and tips on what to do in alerts currently across the US. This will be expanding to hopefully worldwid



Weather bot is programmed in Python, more specifically

Have you ever received an alert on your mobile device or weather radio and wondered what the alert meant or what you should do during the alert? Weather Bot is pretty simple, it gives general information on what you should do if said alert is ever issued along with giving some tips on what to do when one is issued. An example is, when a tornado warning is issued, Weather Bot will describe the warning basically telling you a tornado is occurring or imminent and it will also give a tip saying that you should seek shelter immediately once the tornado warning is issued. This is just one of many examples of what Weather Bot does for alerts currently in the US, but soon across the whole world.

Some commands that Weather Bot has (there are a lot) are as follows: =Help Lists all the commands this bot has to offer. =Information Gives information about this bot. =Support Get an invite for the Discord support server. =Tester Want to help test new things for Weather Bot? Type =Tester to get an invite to the testing server! =TWO Wondering when Tropical Weather Outlooks (TWOs) are issued? Type this command to find out! =TCA Wondering when Tropical Cyclone Advisories (TCAs) are issued? Type this command to find out! =SSS Defines the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (SSHWS) in detail =EFS Defines the Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-Scale) in detail =alerthelp Lists all weather-related alert commands

Some of these do split into multiple, such as =alerthelp, this splits up into other commands which show alerts for different locations. Currently, we have: =USAlerts - Lists alerts for the United States =CAAlerts - (Not complete at this time) Lists alerts for each Canadian province. and these will be expanded more as time goes on.

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