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Bot that lone your loneliness by letting it find gaming partner for you.




A Discord bot that brings gamers together

GameGod is a Discord bot that makes finding people to play with super easy

A Bot that lone your loneliness by letting itself find perfect gaming partner for you :

Introducing Our New Command "GG INSTANT <game_name>"

Searches For Players Across Discord

The Bot is in BETA | For more info join Support Server

  • 1) gg search <Game_Name>:
  • Finds Players That Are Online And Sends Them Join Request.
  • 2) gg ping:
  • Returns User's One-Way Latency
  • 3) gg list:
  • List all the current activites of a server
  • 4) gg dnd:
  • Turns the dnd on to get no reply from the bot
  • 5) gg active :
  • list of Top 10 ongoing LFM(Looking For Member) requests of Instant Search
  • 6) gg request <Game_Name> :
  • Request a game which is to be added to list of supported games
  • 7) gg del:
  • Deletes all outgoing instant search LFM(Looking For Member) requests of the user
  • 8) gg games:
  • Lists all the games that are supported by instant search
Eg. gg search VALORANT

tags: [PUBG, matchmaker, dank memer, groovy, coral bot, players, minecraft, valorant, CSGO, fortnite]

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