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Modmail with reaction for a clean support area and custom voices to let your users moderate themselves.


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What can I do with Bruni? Is a reactionbased ticket system or simply a modmail system to help you handeling your support.

The b!help-command can also help you!

Here are also some examples:

Command What it does
b!autoimmune Immunity from automated actions.
b!set To set admin and mod roles for the bot.
b!ticket addrole Sets a role as a ticket manager.
b!ticket setup Automatic setup for the ticketsystem.
b!ticket clear Deletes the ticket system.
b!ticket maintain Opens/Closes the support.
b!voice addrole Sets a role as a voice manager.
b!voice setup Automatic setup for the voice management.
b!roles Setup for Roleassignment
b!msgvote Setup for Msgvote

Setup the bot

  1. Set your mod roles as autoimmune, to not be effected by rules
b!autoimme @role
  1. Set you mod and admin roles
b!set addadminrole
b!set addmodrole
  1. Setup your ticket system
#First add all needed mod roles to the system
b!ticket addrole @role

b!ticket setup
  1. Setup yout custom voices
# First add all needed mod roles to the system
b!voice addrole @role

b!voice setup

Here is a tip for you:

With "b!help command Name/Category" you get extra information on how to run certain commands.

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