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A bot that is designed for features in mind, helping you with both your moderation, music and channels need






The bot is under development

This bot is still being developed on a everyday process. so please expect downtimes sometimes when im applying the code and if theres a bug please report to the support server or create a issue on github so i can go fix the bot! Thanks for supporting it, hope i delivered you the best content


Need different bots for your music, moderation, roles need? Dweeber is combining it into 1.

It was a bot designed privately for MEmu discord server but decided to actually make it public to give it a try.

The main features of this bot:

Moderations: We have included a list of moderation including kick, ban , mute, tempmute to fit your server needs.

channel locking, unlock, nuke, slowmode is also enabled to save your time adjusting the channel settings manually.

Music is a must-include features if you are a music lover. We have included the basic play, pause, resume, stop, np, queue with the more advanced volume command which is always a VIP features to your server without any cost. Also included some extra features some filter for people who wants to listen to music with effects!

Functions toggle. Dont want a specific function in this bot? disable it!

Who doesnt like memes? The bot can pull memes from r/memes with memes commands enabled in the bot.

Profile picture filter, you can now add filters to your own profile such as blur, pixelate, blue, red, green to your profile picture!

AI chat bot is now here!

Some general commands are included just to make a bit of details easier.

You can use getid command to get a user's id

serverinfo and userinfo are some basic commands to tell you about yourself and the server

  • To use modlog for ban / kick commands please create a channel named "shame-stream" which the bot can access and send messages to!

Bot informations:

invite: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=737905203549831169&permissions=2683694839&scope=bot

Permission: 2683694839

Bot library: discord.js v16 commando

Bot source: https://github.com/user096/memubot

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