AlexarceusBot! AlexarceusBot is a discord bot made to make sure to secure a discord server that was targeted by raids after a buzz so due to lack of time we had to close the server of almost 500 people that we just recently reopened as support for the bot and server chill but let's talk about the bot… When I started coding 4 years ago I said to myself that it would be good to try to create a bot that is not used by most for purposes that I will explain more low in my presentation my discord bot is able to make simple multi-tasking commands and aim to entertain as many people as possible with level systems, nice commands such as commands that allow you to see the weather in your city or everything another type of entertaining non-compromising orders with backups of all types of orders made via logs our bot is also able to play music but it is preferable to contact us beforehand ble I also want to clarify that so that your servers remain clean and unpolluted the bot will automatically delete the command that will be invoked for example / ping and will respond to it by deleting its response 60 seconds later, we have also introduced anti spam commands as well as more efficient anti-raid controls under construction!

AlexarceusMusic: Is also a music bot that is used to broadcast music with skip, tail, volume, resume, leave, pause etc. Its obtaining is more restricted you will be able to obtain AlexarceusMusic by contributing to our development via a donation or a purchase in our shop! In the aspect of moderation: Our main argument and our maximum priority are the implementation of a good moderation system with commands useful to moderators with permissions adapted to the necessary requests and the restriction of punishable facts with a basis of data which lists the warns and sanctions as the severity of the sanctions attributed we also have commands such as the ban, the kick, the warn, the deletion of the messages, the access to the database system via the warn command where we can give one to remove or see them via discord, adding role, removing role, ban by discord identifiers and still unban with id's always to avoid not being able to sanction a person who leaves before being sanctioned it is also necessary to know that behind the bot's safeguards there are some of our associates who have devised a blacklist system so that depending on the seriousness of the act es if our associate considers that the committed acts are serious this user who will have committed irreparable acts will be added to this list and will be automatically banned from all the discord in common where AlexarceusBot and this user is located to protect other users of our bot from that kind of behavior!

An ambitious project that secures your server: as explained above we have set up a system of safeguarding sanctions with our database to act in consequence (thing to remember if you sanction someone, do not forget to specify reasons) if you wish to make a report to a user who according to you could deserve an addition to the Blacklist you have the command: / report at your disposal it will allow you to upload your report in the database of the bot that we will analyze attention this kind of report is serious because we will take care of blacklisting the people concerned if the evidence pays the price but also to make a complete report to Trust & Safety discord which can lead to the final closure of a discord account ... Why choose AlexarceusBot and not another? : AlexarceusBot is created to be versatile and secure by its multiple commands and frequent updating and maintenance our bot is also unique because it will not be used for the purposes of abuse of rights because yes if you do not know some bots among the most famous have fun taking advantage of the presence of their bots in a discord to go there and give themselves permissions thanks to their bot's I know what I'm saying because this kind of thing has already happened in an old server in me, a bot creator and came and had fun giving myself all the permissions possible to destroy a "mine" server, that's why we recommend our bot which is hosted 24/24 and 7/7 With some exceptions and which is secure on a home server under dynamic IP and under the protection of several firewalls with also the blacklist command which will secure your server and numerous anti-raid commands ...

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