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Bullying a girl? Not cool Hajime! The Ultimate Danganronpa bot! With 150+ commands, collectible cards, virtual bots, memes, and more!


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Banner #4 + Senpai Virtual Bot

Hello! Banner #4 is currently active and running from 5/6 to 5/13! These are the cards that you can obtain: Alter Ego Junko (Legendary) Jin Kirigiri (Epic) Kanon Nakajima (Epic) Madarai Brothers (Rare) Yuto Kamishiro (Common) ??? (Legendary) ALL OF THESE CARDS CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED IN EVENT PACKS. New Virtual Bot - Senpai: A new virtual bot has been added into Nagito 2, Senpai from the Friday Night Funkin' franchise! These are his current commands: ?senpai - View all of Senpai's commands s?funkin - Rolls a random FNF character! s?track - Sends a random FNF song! s?cursed - Sends a cursed FNF image!

Announcement Published

Nagito 2 is the Ultimate Danganronpa Discord Bot! His prefix is "?"!

Note: '/' seperates different names for the same command.

?help - Views all commands!
?chris - Views all Chris McLean commands!
?kaede - Views all Kaede Akamatsu commands!
?k1-b0/keebo/kiibo - Views all K1-B0 commands!
?maki - Views all Maki Harukawa commands!
?shin - Views all Shin Tsukimi commands!
?senpai - Views all FNF Senpai commands!
?changelog - Views the changelog of the current update!
Nagito,/Komaeda, - Nagito answers a question!
?dangan - Rolls a random Danganronpa character from the core 3 games!
?despair - Rolls a random Danganronpa character (includes UDG).
?boy - Rolls a random Danganronpa boy!
?cursed - Sends a random cursed image!
?blessed - Sends a random blessed image!
?plushie - Sends a random Danganronpa plush!
?ship - Nagito rates your ship!
?hope - Nagito rates your hope level!
?roulette - Try your hand at Russian Roulette!
?dr1/thh - Rolls a random Danganronpa character from Trigger Happy Havoc!
?dr2/sdr2/gd - Rolls a random Danganronpa character from Goodbye Despair!
?drv3/v3/kh/ndrv3 - Rolls a random Danganronpa character from Killing Harmony!
?udg - Sends a random Danganronpa character from Ultra Despair Girls!
?da - Sends a random Danganronpa character from Despair Arc!
?future - Sends a random Danganronpa character from Future Arc!
?anime - Sends a random Danganronpa character from the Danganronpa 3 Anime (both sides)!
?execute - Execute a user!
?hug - Hug a user!
?fight - Fight a user!
?otp - Randomly generates a Danganronpa ship!


Kanye West - Nagito says a legendary statement.
What the Hell - Nagito sends a gif!
Fingers in his Ass - Nagito sends a magical video!
Nintendo DS - Nagito sends a video!
Nintendo 3DS - Nagito sends a video, again!
Hope/Sans - Nagito is looking.
Orange Juice - Nagito reacts!
Despair - Nagito is over it.
Bagel - Oh boy, guess what Nagito does? He reacts.
Feel So Clean Just Like an Money Machine - Nagito sends an... interesting video.
No Doubles - Nagito sends a gif!
Minecraft Diamonds - Nagito sends an image!
Nagito Edit - We all know the one.
Hayloft - Nagito sends a edit!
Cake - cake.
Addicted to Guards - I don't know just what I'm made of...
Sausage - Nagito sends a video!
Story of Undertale - Nagito sends a beautiful video.
Money Machine - Nagito does a little dance!
Superhero Movie - Nagito does a little super dance!
Kirigirikirigiri Jingjing - Nagito sends a little animation!
Ke$ha - Nagito sends a video!

..and more!


Economy was added in Version 10.5 of Nagito 2!

?daily - Spend your day with some classmates to earn Monocoins and Hope Fragments!
?work - Work with other students at Hope's Peak for some Monocoins!
?handbook - View your E-Handbook!
?inventory - View your inventory!
?shop - View the shop!
?buy - Buy new items!
?collection - View your card collection!
?gamble - Gamble against Celeste!
?use - Use your items!
?view - View any card! (Even if you don't own it.)
?vote - Vote Nagito on and then use this command to receive rewards!
?donate - Give monocoins to others!
?rob - Use the Chucky doll to rob other users out of their monocoins, however, if you fail you do lose some and Chucky, so be careful!

Virtual Bots:

Virtual Bots are previously made bots that Nagito emulates, you can find more about them in their help commands! (?maki, ?keebo, ?kaede, ?chris, ?shin).

Nagito is updated often and tries to stay online 24/7! But if he is ever offline, please know that my owner is working on a fix! You can make suggestions and get update announcements in my support server! Thank you for using Nagito 2!

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