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A gacha bot with in-game visuals for the Sword Art Online (SAO) mobile games


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iGacha is a simugacha bot for the following SAO mobile games:

  • Memory Defrag
  • Integral Factor (WIP)
  • Alicization: Rising Steel


  • Scouting experience with realistic in-game visuals
  • Character/weapon scouting (between 1-11 for MD/ARS)
  • Character/weapon inventory (ARS only for now)
  • Full list of character/weapons available for scout (ARS only for now)

Things to note:

  • Please ensure that bot has access to send_messages|read_messages|embed_links|attach_files|manage_messages|external_emojis
  • Main bot features are explained via $help.
  • Bot commands can be viewed using $commands, and to see additional comments/subcommands for a command, use $commands <command> example: $commands rsscout for rsscout subcommands and information.
  • If you have the permission manage_channels you will see extra commands for configuration and prefix can be changed using $prefix
  • This bot is still a work in progress, so if there is any bugs/errors please join the support server and notify me.

All assets are owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Credits to Mat#7731 for ARS aura asset and Ekoow#6547 for MD/ARS character/weapon database.

Ekoow's Databases: SAO ARS Database | SAO MD Database

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