Henry͔ Commands Prefix: ;


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Created By: Yonona# 1337

A music bot made by Axyzes#1337 It's pretty simple but have much commands for music streaming. The prefix for the bot is ; Here the command list:

  1. play (Url/Name/Playlist) : Play a song from url, from playlist or search a song and play it.
  2. stop : Clear the queue and leave.
  3. skip : Skip the currently playing song.
  4. nowplaying : Displays the currently playing song.
  5. shuffle : Basically shuffle the queue.
  6. pause : Pause the currently playing song.
  7. resume : Resume the paused song.
  8. loop (Queue/Song) : Use queue to repeat the queue or song to repeat a single song.
  9. remove : Remove a song from queue. Use ;queue
  10. queue : Displays the queue.
  11. about : Displays uptime, Creation date and Invite link.
  12. help : Displays the commands for the bot.