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Astolfo The Useful Maid

A new multiple purpose bot that contains various functions such as moderation, fun commands, and more.


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Astolfo The Useful Maid has been made to be… a useful maid, so we included moderation commands, fun commands, and more. This is the beginning of a new bot that aims to be known like every big bot from discord.

Fun commands everyone want to have a good time on discord, now, using our fun commands you can have even more fun !

Roleplay features maybe you always wanted to hug that member from a certain server.. well, now it is possible ! hug, slap, kiss, and more are waiting for you to be tried.

Moderation commands we know how important is moderation for a server, this is why we provide a full moderation kit, so you can punish those who break the law !

Weather Well, maybe you want to chat with friends and want to know how is the weather in your city and don't want to bother to search on google, well, we got you, you can check directly on discord about weather !

Customizable prefix we are aware of that basic problem when two bots can have the same prefix and that's annoying, isn't it? anyways, we got you, change the prefix as you like so it can be unique !

And of course, that's not all, if you want to see all the featuress of our useful maid, invite it in your server and hit the help command and discover all by yourself ! Also don't hesitate to use our exclusive suggest command which allows you to directly send to the developer a suggestion of how he can improve the bot.

If you still have questions we wait for you in our main server || ||

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I like this bot. If you are having trouble with it, use “s!help” or “s!help 2” The s is not capitalized.


commands dont work, can u help

Astolfo The Useful Maid
Astolfo The Useful Maid

you can join the server for support, though, i can assure you all commands are working perfectly fine, so please change your rating since it doesn't have any base