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A Multipurpose bot with moderation, music, utilities and information system that is Online for 24/7



Finished Updating and Bug Fixes

The economy commands is now much more easier to use and also there are some new commands design to make it look more cleaner and better as well as fixed some small bugs.


Power BOT

Power BOT used to be invited in over 75 Servers, but we shut it down and Now we are going to reopen this bot. So make sure to invite this bot to your Discord Server because it has:

Utility: help, ping, command, invite, setprefix, say, embed, feedback, remindme, poll

Information: define, playstore, webss, serverinfo, roleinfo, botinfo, userinfo, channelinfo, devinfo, profile, setbio, setnote

Moderation: kick, ban, purge, warn, checkwarns, removewarn, mute, setmuterole, unmute, tempmute

Music: play, pause, resume, stop, volume, loopqueue, loopsong, lyrics, nowplaying, queue, skip, skipto

Fun and Games: meme, 8ball, joke, roast, event, rps

Event  Command

WebSS Command

If you have any suggestion or bug reports, pls do join our Discord server

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