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A simple bot to do simple things. Blink can show you your member count, do giveaways, check the server info, and a bunch more. He's fun too.







Prefix: blink

Blink can do lots of things here are a list

  • Mute
  • Make a poll
  • Giveaway
  • Server info
  • Vote to kick
  • Show member count
  • Show someone's avatar
  • Get Help
  • React
  • Kiss
  • Rock paper sissors
  • Get invite link


blink Mute @user

The mute commands allows you to easily mute someone

Only if you're able to mute

Make a poll

blink poll [question]

Creates a simple yes/no question

All can use


blink giveaway [item] #channel

The mute commands allows you to easily mute someone

All can use

Server info

blink serverinfo

Gives you information about you server. For example it shows

  • Server name
  • ID
  • Region
  • Channel count
  • Roles
  • Verification
  • Is a large server
  • Costom emojis

All can use

Vote to kick

blink votekick @user

If you don't like someone have people vote to see what happens. Whoever you vote won't be kicked unless woner or someone with power kicks.

All can use

Show member count

blink mem

Shows how many people including bots are in your server. You can also see how many people including bots are in all servers with Blink.

All can use

Show someone's avatar

blink avatar @user

Shows the avatar of selected person or bot.

All can use

Get Help

blink help

Shows all the commands and how to use them

All can use


blink kiss @user

Share your feeling with this fun thing

All can use

Rock paper sissors

blink play [rock,paper,sissors]

Play a simple game with Blink.

All can use

Get invite link

blink invite

Gets the invite link of current server.

All can use

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