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A multifunctional French Discord bot with moderation controls, fun commands like image search, music, some stats and more !


² or @Atsuko#6724




All detailed commands in French are on my website.

I will briefly tell you about each commands and their categories, however they may not be up to date on this page, so I suggest you check out the website above.

If your device does not have the ² key, you can mention the bot like this : @Atsuko#6724 help or @Atsuko#6724help ; space will not change anything.

What exactly the bot doing ?


ping -> Return the bot ping.
reload -> Relaunch the bot, only the developer has access to this command.


embed -> Returns the user's message as an embed.
help -> Returns the list of commands.
image -> Returns an image according to the search keywords.
say -> Returns the user's message.
serverstats -> Returns stats on the server.
userstats -> Returns stats on the mentioned user or the author of the command.


ban -> Ban the mentioned user.
clean -> Deletes a specified number of messages from a specified user.
clear -> Deletes a specified number of messages.
kick -> Kick the mentioned user.
mute -> Mute the mentioned user.
nuke -> Clone the current channel.
unban -> Unban the specified user.
unmute -> Unmute the mentioned user.


pause -> Pause music.
play -> Find and play music.
queue -> Displays all music in the queue.
resume -> Resume music.
skip -> Skip to the next music in the queue.
stop -> Stop music.
volume -> Change the volume of the music.


invite -> Allows you to invite the bot to a server.
supportserver -> Allows you to join the support server.

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